Climate Friendly Aberlady

Kirk Stables Refurbishment

Great News!

As a key reward for our efforts to reduce our energy use and to think about the ways we travel and what we eat, the Kirk Stables facility will shortly be undergoing a partial refurbishment – and its 100% funded by our grant!

What’s being changed?

As this stage, the improvements are to the windows and doors. They will be double-glazed throughout, reducing vastly heat loss from the building. In addition, all the lighting in the Stables will be changed to low emission LED lighting. Taken together, the Kirk Stables will feel warmer to all its user groups - and its carbon footprint will be much reduced.

The benefits from energy and carbon will be monitored.

In return for these benefits, we will also invite user groups to complete short questionnaires about the overall project - for example, on how they travelled there, by car or by foot etc.
Aberlady Conservation & History Society recently signed Scotland's Climate Change Pledge for Communities.

This Pledge is for community organisations and in signing we acknowledge:

  • The increasing impact that climate change will have on your community, across Scotland and internationally and that you’ll commit to tackling the causes and effect of a changing climate within your local area.
  • That we'll take active steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions wherever possible, collectively and individually
  • Tell people what you are doing and why you are doing it; and
  • Explore other actions you can take to address climate change and your resilience to it