Climate Friendly Aberlady

Reducing domestic energy

What should we be doing differently to reduce our home energy use and save money?

According to the Scottish Government, individuals and households account for 70% of Scotland’s consumption-based emissions. The vast majority stems in our energy use at home, how we travel and the food we eat.

Just some simple changes in our routines can reduce our energy use at home considerably - and help save your money!

Home Energy Scotland provide the following top tips.

Turn your room thermostat down by 1°C. Annual saving - £80-£85*
Replace all standard light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs. Annual saving - £35*
Switch lights off when they’re not needed. Annual saving - £13*
Use a bowl rather than running hot water to wash up. Annual saving - £30*
Switch appliances OFF rather than leaving them on standby. Annual saving - £30*
Line-dry your clothes instead of using a tumble dryer (when possible). Annual saving - £29*
Choose a laptop over a desktop. Annual saving - £16*
Spend one minute less in the shower. Annual saving - £10 per person*
Fill the kettle with only as much water as you need. Annual saving - £7*
Set your washing machine at 30 degrees rather than a higher temperature. Annual saving - £6*

*The estimated cost savings are provided by the Energy Saving Trust